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Courtsey of Christine Stean

Blue-winged Goose African Black Duck
Harwood's Francolin Little Sparrowhawk
Fox Kestrel Rouget's Rail
Spot-breasted Lapwing Somali Courser
White-collared Pigeon Black-winged Lovebird
Yellow-fronted Parrot White-cheeked Turaco
Prince Ruspoli's Turaco Abyssinian Owl
Narina Trogon Half-collared Kingfisher
Yellow-breasted Barbet Dark-headed Oriole
Somali Fiscal Stresemann's Bush-crow
Liben Lark Erlanger's Lark
White-tailed Swallow African Spotted Creeper
Abyssinian Catbird Abyssinian Slaty-flycatcher
Sombre Chat Ankober Serin
Yellow-throated Serin Salvadori's Serin
Salvadori's Weaver (female) Salvadori's Weaver (male)
Ethiopian Wolf Abyssinian Nyala
Stresemann's Bush Crow

Stresemann's Bush Crow