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Birdfinders’ first Georgia tour was a great success. During our four-night stay in Kazbegi in the Greater Caucasian Mountains of Georgia we were blessed with good generally weather, which meant that many of the mountain species were higher up. Nevertheless, on our first full day on the west side of the valley we enjoyed excellent views of Caucasian Grouse together with Caucasian Snowcock and Great Rosefinch. On the second day we had to climb high up a grassy slope to see White-winged Redstart but enjoyed excellent views of Caucasian Snowcock from the valley bottom. On day three we found a superb male White-winged Redstart still in the 'park' alongside the road and we enjoyed this bird for the next two days alongside Green Warblers and Mountain Chiffchaffs. Of the other mountain birds, we enjoyed multiple views of Bearded Vulture, Eurasian Griffon, Fire-fronted Serin, Twite and White-winged Snowfinch, whilst a pair of Wallcreepers at eye level alongside the road was much appreciated by everyone. Migration was much in evidence with large numbers of European Honey-buzzards and Red-backed Shrikes as well as smaller numbers of many other species including Corn Crake, Red-throated Pipit, Great Reed Warbler, Marsh Warbler, Thrush Nightingale and Black-headed Bunting. So we left Georgia having seen all of the speciality birds.

Great Rosefinch

Great Rosefinch