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Courtesy of Mark Easterbrook

Masked Duck White-tailed Tropicbird
White-crowned Pigeon Ring-tailed Pigeon
Northern Potoo Vervain Hummingbird
Red-billed Streamertail Red-billed Streamertail
Black-billed Streamertail Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo
Reddish Egret Wilson's Plover
Jamaican Owl Jamaican Tody
Jamaican Woodpecker American Kestrel
Black-billed Amazon Jamaican Elaenia
Loggerhead Kingbird Sad Flycatcher
Rufous-tailed Flycatcher Stolid Flycatcher
Jamaican Pewee Blue Mountain Vireo
Jamaican Vireo Northern Mockingbird
White-chinned Thrush Jamaican Euphonia
Grasshopper Sparrow Jamaican Oriole
Jamaican Blackbird Great-tailed Grackle
Black-and-white Warbler American Yellow Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler Jamaican Spindalis
Orangequit Greater Antillean Bullfinch
Yellow-billed Amazon

Yellow-billed Amazon