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Courtesy of Peter Basterfield

Greater Spotted Eagle Lesser Spotted Eagle
Montagu's Harrier European Honey-buzzard
Common Crane
White Storks
White Stork
White-winged Tern
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker
Middle Spotted Woodpecker Bluethroat
Western Yellow (Blue-headed) Wagtail Citrine Wagtail
Eurasian Penduline-tit Fieldfare
River Warbler Wood Warbler
The Birdfinders group at the Great Snipe lek
Lunch by the river The Birdfinders group at Bialowieza
Forest in Poland Adder
Map Butterfly Pool Frog
Pool Frog European Tree Frog
Club-tailed Dragonfly Banded Demoiselle
Corn Crake

Corn Crake