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Courtesy of James P. Smith

Ashy Storm-petrels Black Storm-petrel
Ashy and Black Storm-petrels
Buller's Shearwater Black-vented Shearwaters
Brandt's Cormorants Reddish Egret
Bald Eagle Common Black Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk Sooty Grouse
Black Oystercatcher Black Turnstone
American Golden-plover Pacific Golden-plover
Wandering Tattler Western Sandpipers
Baird's Sandpiper Red-necked Phalaropes
Yellow-footed Gull
Black Terns
Scripps's Murrelet Burrowing Owl
Great Grey Owl Great Horned Owl
Black-backed Woodpecker White-headed Woodpecker
Say's Phoebe Willow Flycatcher
Grey Flycatcher Island Scrub-jay
Cactus Wren California Gnatcatcher
Townsend's Warbler Black-and-white Warbler
Lawrence's Goldfinches
Cassin's Finch Yellow-headed Blackbirds
Blue Whale
Salton Sea
Bristlecone Pines
California Thrasher

California Thrasher