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Courtesy of James P. Smith

California Quail Common Ground Dove
Lesser Nighthawk Lesser Nighthawk
Costa's Hummingbird Allen's Hummingbird
Ridgway's Rail Ridgway's Rail
Virginia Rail Pacific Golden-plover
Snowy Plover (Hudsonian) Whimbrel
Red-necked Phalaropes
Pomarine Jaeger Yellow-footed Gull
Ashy Storm-petrel Pink-footed Shearwater
Black-vented Shearwater Brandt's Cormorant
Yellow-crowned Night-heron and Great Egret California Condor (juv)
Black-vented Shearwaters
Golden Eagle Cooper's Hawk
Northern Goshawk Bald Eagle
Red-shouldered Hawk Barn Owl
Northern Pygmy-owl Burrowing Owl
Red-breasted Sapsucker Acorn Woodpecker
Black-backed Woodpecker Red-masked Parakeet
Island Scrub-jay California Scrub-jay
Yellow-billed Magpie Violet-green Swallow
Wrentit Red-breasted Nuthatch
California Gnatcatcher California Thrasher
LeConte's Thrashers Sage Thrasher
Scaly-breasted Munia Lawrence's Goldfinch
Black-throated Sparrow Northern Waterthrush
Yellow Warbler Hermit Warbler
Western Tanager Cardinal Meadowhawk
Long-eared Chipmunk Sea Otter
Humpback Whale Humpback Whale
Elephant Seal Zebra-tailed Lizard
Birding at Ownes River
Mono Lake
Yosemite National Park
Mohave Desert
Butterbredt Spring
Collecting water, Lake Hemet
California Thrasher

California Thrasher